Estabilished with more than 20 years of experience in the curtain industry, Ai Curtains started off as a small town business in Kapar, Klang. Offering excellent service and workmanship for their products, the business started growing, and more customers came to know of the name “Ai Curtains”. The company soon outgrew its small market in Kapar and went on to open a new branch in Denai Alam. Here Ai Curtains flourished as they made their name through the quality and workmanship of their products and soon came under the radar of big companies such as international five star hotels, luxury boutiques, golf clubs and many more. Trusted by these large companies to decorate and renovate their suites, conference halls, rooms and offices, the company has provided all their customers, both consumers and businesses with top tier fabrics, products and services that match larger competing companies.

Ai Curtains Team

Our most prized item is not the products that we sell, but the team that we have made who has stuck together through thick and thin in our growth. Our curtain experts are always available to give you the best advice in making sure your home gets transformed into that dream living space that you have always wanted. Rest assured that you will get excellent quality in service no matter if its a site visit to your house, or dropping by at our store.

Our contact number: +60192114421 (tap here to call)
Our contact number 2: +60192990046 (tap here to call)


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